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Over the past five decades, Amanat has established a reputation for managing and executing complex projects across various sectors, including government, municipal,  industry, commerce, and trade.

Listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange since 1994, Amanat employs over 1,200 consultants, including engineers, economists, and lawyers. Our comprehensive services include strategic consulting, project planning and management, software development and testing, and outsourcing solutions. Under the leadership of our CEO, Shmuel Alfasi, we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

dana gabay

Dana Gabay M.Sc

Among Israel’s leading Environmental economists, specializing in Solid Waste and Energy Management. With over 15 years of extensive experience, providing Strategic and Economic consulting services to municipalities, entrepreneurs, government agencies, NGOs and startups.

Dana’s Expertise is in Techno-Economic modeling, Feasibility studies, Business plans, environmental analysis and strategic planning. She is directly involved in some of Israel’s biggest and most innovative projects.

With our extensive network of professionals and experts, we are able to assemble teams that are tailored to your requirements, providing comprehensive solutions covering aspects of strategy, engineering, economics, the environment, and regulatory requirements.

Our team provides comprehensive economic and strategic advice, based on practical expertise, helping organizations integrate environmental solutions while improving economic performance

our services

Economic and Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive and specialized economic and strategic advice, specializing in solid saste treatment, energy management, and air pollution control projects.
Using our industry-specific knowledge, depth, and expertise, we support our clients in making data-driven decisions and maximizing their financial opportunities.

Our services:

  • Techno-Economic modeling – dynamic models that can predict project performance in different scenarios considering various parameters
  • Economic Feasibility assessments
  • Business plans
  • Tender advisory

Environmental Consulting

Our team specializes in various aspects of sustainability planning and provides comprehensive environmental advisory services to diverse sectors, focusing on solid waste treatment, energy management, and air pollution control projects.

Our core competencies include:

  • Environmental strategic planning
  • Policy development and cost-benefit analysis
  • Environmental regulation analysis
  • Impact and external costs assessment and researches
  • Environmental feasibility studies
  • Market and technology reviews

Strategic Planning

We develop comprehensive and applicable strategic roadmaps to help organizations reach their full potential. These roadmaps are tailored to each client’s unique needs, and include:

  • Current State Analysis: understanding the internal and external environment, including data analysis, market trends, best available technologies reviews and SWOT analysis
  • Vision and Goal Setting: establishing a strong vision and setting quantitative goals, priorities and objectives
  • Scenario Planning: analyzing alternatives using complex economic modeling methods and sensitivity analysis
  • Practical Strategy Development: Developing a detailed action plan including yearly objectives, KPIs, business model, financial plan, cost benefit analysis and  performance measurements

Representation of Technologies for Distribution in Israel

Using international collaboration agreements, the company identifies and represents technological solutions related to waste treatment and energy management.

Key Projects

Leading initiations and implementation of National Environmental Resolution: precedent government decisions in the fields of energy and waste

  • Jerusalem’s Strategic Energy Plan – Advisory services from the initial stages of formulation and conceptualization to governmental approval and implementation . In this precedent-setting government decision, NIS 100 million will be allocated for the development of Jerusalem’s municipal energy economy
  • Jerusalem’s Solid Waste Master Plan – Forming a procedure for optimizing the municipal waste management for the municipality of Jerusalem, including data analysis, performance forecasts, goal setting, technological reviews and operational concept development.

From Vision to Reality: Building the "Elef Compound" in Rishon Lezion:

From its iconic design to its innovative infrastructure, the “Elef Compound” is seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric, fostering sustainability and progress.

Key features of the “Elef Compound” project:

  • Distinctive Design: The “Elef Compound” boasts a visually striking design, making it a landmark within the city.
  • Smart Transportation: Innovative transportation solutions that prioritize pedestrian access and connectivity, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of people.
  • Green Energy Focus: The “Elef Compound” embraces clean energy sources, minimizing its environmental footprint and promoting sustainability.
  • Comprehensive Services and Infrastructure: A robust shell of services and infrastructure provide everything businesses need to thrive, fostering a vibrant and connected environment.


Leveraging an existing Building Impact Analysis (BIA), we will expedite the planning process without compromising on quality. Our approach incorporates the following key principles:

  • Data-Driven Decision making: We utilize environmental analysis, city vision, and local business characteristics to inform every design decision.
  • Revenue-Focused Prioritization: Execution is prioritized based on the authority’s business vision and expected revenue flow, ensuring a financially sound development strategy.
  • Global Technology Integration: Global cutting-edge technology solutions are strategically implemented to optimize functionality and efficiency.
  • Rigorous Project Management: Strict progress control measures are employed to ensure the project meets the ambitious schedules while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Waste to Energy Plants Advisory

Waste to Energy plants are an essential solution for Israel’s waste crisis due to the lack of landfill space and treatment facilities. Currently, our team is working on the first two commercial thermal recovery projects in Israel.

1/ Neot Hovav Waste to Energy Treatment Plant –
The facility, which will be the first of its kind in Israel, will be located near Beer Sheva city comprising a mechanical sorting facility and an incineration facility with a capacity of 1500 tons/day of unsorted municipal waste.

In collaboration with specialized European and local consultants we provide the Be’er Sheva municipality with strategic, economic, and engineering advice and represent it in the government tenders committee. Our services include:

  • Techno-Economic Modeling: assess the project’s financial viability and optimize its long-term performance.
  • Environmental Assessments and Benchmarks: External Costs analysis, compliance gap analysis to the best available technologies
  • Tender Advisory Services
  • Feasibility Studies

2/⁠ ⁠Jerusalem District’s Waste-to-Energy Facility Planning

Jerusalem, Israel’s Largest and most populous city, is facing a growing challenge in managing its waste due to limited disposal options. We are proud to have partnered with the Jerusalem Municipality in developing a sustainable solution: a thermal recovery facility.

Our services:

  • ⁠Developing preliminary planning processes
  • Techno-Economic modeling and feasibility studies
  • Conducting environmental feasibility studies with an emphasis on air pollution
  • Measurement and resolution of regulatory barrier
    reviewing international benchmarks.

Eilat-Eilot Energy Independence Strategic Action Plan

The Eilat-Eilot region is a leading player introducing solar energy into the regional electricity sector. However, the area faces significant limitations due to the lack of a transmission network in the area, which hinders the further development of solar electricity.

We collaborated with the Eilat Municipality, Eilot Regional Council, and the Ministry of Energy to design an Unprecedented comprehensive plan to strengthen regional energy security and drive national economic benefits.

Our services:

  • Electricity Consumption and Production Profiling: We meticulously analyzed the region’s energy consumption and production patterns to locate areas for optimization.
  • Electrical Infrastructure Mapping: A detailed map of the existing production sites and infrastructure to assess its suitability for future demands.
  • Integrated Techno-Economic Modeling: Cutting-edge techno-economic models to evaluate the financial viability and long-term impact of various potential solutions.
  • International Benchmarking: Best practices and innovative approaches identified through a comprehensive international review.
  • Regulatory Analysis: A thorough review of relevant regulations to ensure the plan’s compliance and feasibility.
  • Multi-Level Business Plan Development: We crafted a robust business plan at both local and national levels, outlining the economic benefits for all stakeholders.


This collaborative effort resulted in a strategic energy master plan that paved the way for the Eilat-Eilot region to achieve energy independence while promoting sustainable growth in the national economy.

Assessing the Economic Ramifications of Climate Warming in the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo

In collaboration with the Shmuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research at the Technion, we undertook the first research in Israel to quantify the economic impact of urban heat island (UHI) effects on a major city.

This pioneering study paved the way for other Israeli authorities to assess the economic consequences of climate change within their jurisdictions.


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