Vision and Values

The vision and values by which Amanet operates have marked its path since inception. The service, comradeship and long term vision have guided the group’s operations throughout the years. At Amanet we believe that the basis for a successful company operating with consistency are the same values that have lit its way and the vision that points it in the direction it advances.

Team Spirit

The power of Amanet is measured by that of its people. Not only personal strength but the power that allows varied opinions and the examination of its operations with an open mind and from different angles. Team spirit is the basis for excellent service to customers and for harmony in all the company’s branches. It enables us to operate as one body facing business targets and organizational aspirations that the company has set for itself.

Growth Aims

Growth is a vital element in maintaining a fruitful and lively business environment. With growing competition, Amanet aims for growth without compromising quality and service. Growth is the passion that drives us to examine new opportunities and provides the company with the excitement in its activities.

Amanet seeks to be a leading body, with the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, objectivity, integrity and creditability for providing management solutions, technology and integrated logistics.


Amanet operates according to clear and understood moral values. Amanet is committed to fairness with related parties and parties with whom it has contacts: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and other parties. As a company that operates in many business spheres, in Israel and overseas, Amanet is committed to operating according to law and ethical principles of fairness, honesty and creditability. These values are the basis for the established reputation of the company.